The mission of the Africa Home Education Exchange when hosting the first African Home Education Indaba was to advance, connect and equip the home education community in Africa. The Indaba hosted in Pretoria in October 2019 has achieved these goals and much positive feedback was received.

See for instance the review of Louise Schoeman who attended the Indaba in Pretoria:

“The AHEI (African Home Education Indaba) surpassed our expectations in every way. The organizing was very good without being over-the-top. The children enjoyed the different activities available to them, and the informal atmosphere meant they could quietly come in and out to ‘touch base’ with us as needed.

“My in-laws were thoroughly won-over to our decision through what they heard and saw at the conference.

“The speakers were world-class, well-prepared, clearly incredibly knowledgeable and thoroughly experienced. Our hearts were encouraged and inspired, our minds challenged and stimulated. There was a perfect balance between research-based information and heart-felt experience one could identify with. The networking across countries, and to hear how different, and yet the same, things are for home educators in the USA, Uganda, Russia, Canada and Kenya was just invaluable. Every time I share some nugget of truth that stood out for me from the weekend I say something else! It was the kind of weekend for which we would fly to Uganda. Or Russia.”

The Africa Home Education Exchange would like to host an Indaba in other African countries as well to encourage, equip and connect homeschoolers in these countries.  We would therefore appreciate any donations to organize the next African Home Education Indaba, which God willing will probably be hosted in Kenya in a few years time. Please donate to make it possible! Start saving now to attend with your family! It is not to be missed.